Hamilton can assist you in finding your best prospects and keeping their information current.

Consumer Data

Get your message in front of the right people

We use data from over 100 different sources to aggregate our consumer database every year. We gather raw data from real estate and tax assessments, voter registration files, utility connects, bill processors, behavioral data, and other sources before we integrate dozens of proprietary enrichment sources.

To help you refine your list, we offer dozens of search selections, including:

Geography, Age, Estimated Household Income, Marital Status, Single vs. multi-family home, Gender, Home Value, Ethnicity, Hobbies & Interests, Households with Children, New Homeowners, New Movers, Investors and Much More.

Business Data

Targeted business lists using the most accurate data available.

Our U.S. Business database is your most comprehensive, up-to-date resource for finding business sales leads and mailing lists. Search by industry, business sizes, sales volume, geography, and other firmographics to create a customized list that will help you:

Reach the perfect audience

Choose from more than 30 search selections as well as geographic information to target the right audience for your marketing, sales, and research efforts.

Save time and resources.

Hamilton offers the most accurate data available, so you know you won’t be wasting your time and money chasing incorrect or incomplete leads.

Get a better return on your investment.

Customizing your message to the right audience can help improve your campaign’s ROI.

To help you refine your list, we offer more than 30 search selections, including: Industry, NAICS / SIC Codes or Ranges, Number of Employees, Sales Volume, Credit Rating and Much More.

Customer Analysis and Profiling

Find New Customers Similar to Your Existing Customers

Who is the ideal customer for your businesses product or service? We can help you answer this question. Through a collaborative, in-depth customer analysis, we’re able to reveal commonalities in your customer demographic or firmagraphic data. Additionally, we can pinpoint customer behavioral information, and more, helping you to both target and increase the returns on your marketing and business development campaigns.

Data Enhancement

Add Missing data to your customer file.

Make sure you have all the up-to-date information you need to reach your customers effectively. Our Data Enhancement service is a quick and simple way to get the most out of your customer list.

What data enhancement can mean for your business:

  • Greater Efficiency: Make sure your message reaches the right people with up-to-date contact names, phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Smarter Processing: The more you know about your customers, the easier it is to find new ones just like them.
  • Advanced Targeting: Grouping customers and prospects based on similarities helps you promote the products and services that will meet their needs.
  • Increased Engagement: Put a personal touch on your communications so your customers and prospects feel like you are speaking directly to them.
  • Lower Turnaround Time: Our Data Enhancement tool lets you get results within the hour, and our experts are here to help with larger or custom jobs.
  • Here’s what you can append: Email addresses, Phone numbers, Demographics, Geographic information, Company details, Industry information and more!

We help you to unlock & unleash the power within.