Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Hamilton Marketing offers solutions for all of your direct mail needs.

We mail all across the United States and have streamlined the process for you. No matter what you mail we make it easy. We provide quick turnaround times, reliable service, professional staff, and excellent service.

Do you need to reduce Direct Mail Services costs?

Hamilton uses the most up to date mail processing software to save you money on postage and to increase the deliverability of your project. Also if your project fits we can review your data and see if we can save you additional money by using postal logistics.

Postal Logistics

Postage represents a significant part of every direct mail budget and reducing its cost is one of Hamilton’s primary areas of expertise and focus.

Postal Analysis

Our postal analysts review every list and mail strategy to insure the lowest rates are attained for every job.

Postage Optimization

The US Post Office has an extensive range of postage classes and rates all with specific rules and regulations governing their use. Knowing how to capitalize on the greatest discounts while maintaining, or improving, the delivery window for our customers is a true science. Managing the mail’s insertion into the various points of entry to gain the best rates possible, Hamilton leverages its private transportation fleet and national strategic alliance with FedEx Freight to gain rate and delivery advantages other less sophisticated firms can’t.

Direct Delivery Assurance

Hamilton utilizes SCF Delivery to speed up your mail and to know exactly where your mail is in the mail system. Intelligent mail barcoding (IMB) assures address accuracy and enables USPS Optional Delivery Verification Tools.

Hamilton uses our own colored tags and identifiers to make your mail stand out and be recognized!

Rapid Response

Hamilton’s Quality Control Team can call upon Delivery Supervisors throughout the country to give your mail a push if necessary. All Hamilton mailings feature electronic postal receipts. Plus signed SCF/BMC delivery forms!

Sometimes It’s Who You Know

Hamilton enters several million pieces of mail a week into the mail system. We have the contacts at local and regional facilities to help us expedite your mail delivery. Mail alerts are often sent in advance of a piece with critical mail dates. You worry about making sales, we’ll worry about your mail delivery.

We help you to unlock & unleash the power within.